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I am originally from an electronic background and was a senior manager with a multi-million rand company for the past 20 years. Apart from driving the revenue, I used to wear multiple hats and mainly of a strategic nature, ranging from the integration and developing of systems, to coaching and mentoring of staff. As an invitee to the board of directors dealing directly with the CEO, CFO and COO, I played a key role in matching strategy to situation. Taking new business units from their pre-opening phases to start-ups, realignments and eventually through to sustaining successes. Within each situation the awareness of the need for change had to be build, using and leverage the opportunities to create momentum.

What is Strategic Management else than Change Management and for that you need effective interaction with your colleagues and even more important you need unlock the minds of the critical mass of people around you to think and act strategically.

I received NLP certified in 2010. I immediately identified the tremendous potential NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Modern Hypnosis holds for the co-operative environment as well as for the individual. My desire for excellence led me to further my training with the largest and according to me, the best NLP company in the world that of the Tad James Company.

Tad James (M.S., Ph.D.) created and developed Time Line Therapy®, the groundbreaking training that has made him a living legend in NLP and a bestselling author of seven books in the field.

Adriana James, (M.A., Ph.D.) is a gifted and charismatic presenter. As a Certified Master Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and Coaching, she is a true ambassador of change.

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My company, the Ben Alberts Company (PTY) LTD, is committed to deliver the same level of excellence that I have become accustomed to. Should you wish to be trained and certified with my company you will receive the original training material (audio CDs and literature) of the Tad James Company. I am fortunate in that I will receive lifelong support from the Tad James Company.

The Ben Alberts Company (PTY) LTD is committed to make NLP, Time Line Therapy ® and Modern Hypnosis affordable to the South African people and in doing so contribute to the transformation of the worldwide transcending levels of consciousness and wholeness.

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With NLP and Time Line Therapy®, you have the capability to take control of your thoughts, emotions and actions and by doing so determine your own destiny.

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