gall-8In an article, NLP in Education - A Magnificent Opportunity, for the web, Don A. Blackerby Ph.D. said, and I quote: “I recently heard a psychologist refer to ADD as "The great dumping ground for all complaints about students". I tend to agree with him.”

Is your child struggling at school? Are you despairing over your little darling’s not so darling behaviour?  Why not change their lives today by altering the way in which their brain makes connections to the world? This simple change can lead to a new way of behaving and can help to improve concentration problems that are often associated with disorders such as ADD/ADHD.  With the help of NLP and hypnotherapy, your child will be able to make other connections to success, to new opportunities, to other people and even to your own family.

Conditions such as ADD/ADHD need not slow your children down. Why pump their bodies full of medication when there IS an alternative form of treatment? Not only will this treatment aid them in their lives now, but it will continue to assist them well into their futures. The results could be truly out of this world!

Free you child from the pains of behavioural problems, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and even social difficulties with Neuro Linguistic Programming. Here at Ben Alberts Company, we can help them to form connections that matter both the inside and the outside.


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With NLP and Time Line Therapy®, you have the capability to take control of your thoughts, emotions and actions and by doing so determine your own destiny.