Wisdom of creating and having what you want

Live the life you always dreamed of!

Can you remember a time when you used to dream of how you would live your life and you have since found yourself trapped by unnecessary limitations like negative emotions and beliefs? Well, then it is time to stop living in and been governed by the past, enjoy the present and look forward to a successful future.

In just 12 hours, The WISDOM OF CREATING AND HAVING WHAT YOU WANT seminar will provide you with the skills and know-how you need to get back on track and enjoy living again. The WISDOM OF CREATING AND HAVING WHAT YOU WANT process is a proven method for achieving happiness, love, freedom and all the other riches life has to offer.

Three powerful reasons to attend!


Do the things you always wanted to do.

If you could do anything you wanted, what would you like to accomplish in your life? The WISDOM OF CREATING AND HAVING WHAT YOU WANT seminar lets you choose and experience those things you once only dreamed of.


Create what you want, now and in the future

What do you want to have – emotionally, financially, mentally and spiritually? The WISDOM OF CREATING AND HAVING WHAT YOU WANT seminar shows you specifically how to choose what is important to you and how to achieve those things you desire.


Personal transformation

The WISDOM OF CREATING AND HAVING WHAT YOU WANT seminar offers you the techniques and the power to know what to change, what you would like to improve and how you would like things to be different.

What makes this seminar so incredible?

The WISDOM OF CREATING AND HAVING WHAT YOU WANT process transforms the way you think. It helps you remove the blockages that prevent you from doing, having or changing what you want. Limiting decisions, limiting beliefs and conflicting values can be eliminated, affording you the opportunity to make new choices about yourself and your life.

What you will achieve

Valuable life skills you will learn include how to:

  • Get back in touch with the life of your dreams
  • Stop negative emotions that keep you from reaching your dreams
  • Let go of sadness, so that your joy for living can shine through
  • Dissolve anger for greater personal control and well-being
  • Eliminate the destructive power of guilt
  • Move from fear into personal power
  • Gain total emotional freedom for life
  • Make the right decisions in your life
  • Motivate yourself and get back your passion for living
  • Learn a method of setting goals that really works
  • Propel and launch yourself

Who will benefit from attending?

The WISDOM OF CREATING AND HAVING WHAT YOU WANT for your Life, Relationships and your Future seminar is as beneficial for the general public as it is for professional therapists, councillors, social workers, teachers, managers, medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and religious leaders.

All people including professionals can make use of these powerful techniques with their clients as well as in their personal lives.

About Ben Alberts
Head and Shoulder image of Ben Alberts

Ben Alberts, originally from an electronic background, was for the past 20 years a senior manager with a multi-million rand company. Apart from driving the revenue he used to wear multiple hats and mainly of a strategic nature ranging from the integration and developing of systems to coaching and mentoring. As an invitee to the board of directors dealing directly with the CEO, CFO and COO, he learned from and worked with great individuals.

Ben became certified in NLP in 2010. He immediately identified the tremendous potential NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Modern Hypnosis holds for the co-operative environment and also for the individual. His desire for excellence led him to further his training with the largest and according to him, the best NLP company in the world, that of the Tad James Company.

Tad James (M.S., Ph.D.) created and developed Time Line Therapy®, the ground breaking training that has made him a living legend in NLP and a bestselling author of seven books in the field.

The WISDOM OF CREATING AND HAVING WHAT YOU WANT seminar makes extensive use of NLP, Time Line Therapy® techniques and is based on THE SECRET OF CREATING YOUR FUTURE® processes developed by Tad James which helped thousands of people from around the world just like you to improve the quality of their relationships, achieve financial outcomes, as well as fast track desired changes in behaviour such as weight loss, quitting smoking, pain control and fitness goals.  In fact The WISDOM OF CREATING AND HAVING WHAT YOU WANT seminar will help you fast track your success in all areas of life.

Learn more about Ben and the disorders he treats

With NLP and Time Line Therapy®, you have the capability to take control of your thoughts, emotions and actions and by doing so determine your own destiny.