ADHD in children can be treated with NLP

Did you know that ADHD in children can be treated with NLP? This treatment will help your child to change the way in which their brains make connections to the world. ADHD in children is increasing and not many parents understand how it occurs nor how to treat it. Learning more about ADHD and NLP will help you to not only understand what your child is experiencing but also how to go about treating it.

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Children who suffer from ADHD have problems with paying attention, hyperactivity, acting impulsively and sometimes do not act appropriately for their age. This type of disorder is not always easy to identify at first and most children need to be observed for around 6 months to confirm if they do, in fact, have ADHD. There are many people that believe the only way to treat ADHD in children is by putting them on some kind of drug to help control the “outbursts”. The treatment of ADHD has always been controversial, as it often raised the question of whether the child’s integrity was being put at risk. The drugs, sometimes where able to assist in the treatment, however there were also major side-affects. There was a need to find an alternative form of treatment to promote the well-being of the child, as well as helping them to eventually get over the disorder completely. This is where NLP comes in and the way in which this method works.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and the methodology behind it is rather simple. The idea is that there are two ways in which the brain can be affected during the processing of information. This process can be affected by verbal and non-verbal communication. NLP is used as a model to explain how the way in which we communicate with ourselves as well as with others will ultimately affect the way in which our brains process information. By understanding how and why we process this information in such a manner will help us to change this process. If you can help a child with ADHD to do this, it should in the long run, provide them with the skills to react to situations differently. Subsequently, helping to cure them of ADHD without having to use any medication.

The idea is to be able to help your child to create different connections within their brains. This can be difficult to do when dealing with children that already struggle to concentrate. It is necessary to remember to be patient with the child. No matter what age they are, their brain has already set up the ground work as to how they react and process information. NLP techniques will be implemented to change these connections but it is a process that will take some time. One of the most successful ways to implement a technique is to have a discussion with the child after an “episode”. During this discussion, they will be required to envision exactly what they were experiencing and seeing in their brain at the time. Then the child will be asked to concentrate on either one solid image or sound that pops up in their brain while they are remembering the situation. The idea is that by getting them to focus on one image they will be able to calm down. Then, hopefully, they will be able to use this technique the next time they have an “episode” in order to overcome it more quickly.

Understand NLP and its techniques in more detail

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