Effective ways to manage time and stress at home and at work – meet the New Year head-on!

Society places a lot of stress on an individual, whether it be with social commitments or in the work environment. The secret to being able to live a happy and balanced lifestyle is by finding ways to manage your stress, especially in the workplace. As more than 80% of our time is spent at work, it is important to manage your stress as effectively as possible.

With the approach of a New Year, we are always keyed up to face challenges head-on. Whether you can do it or not is entirely up to how you manage your time during the day. Managing your time must always include time for eating healthy and exercising. You will be surprised at how a good gym session can make you feel more relaxed afterwards. And the biggest trick of all is finding time for yourself!

Here are some tips at managing your time more effectively :

  • Eliminate the Unnecessary
    This becomes more and more true every day. Either professionally or personally, eliminating the “unnecessary” in life goes a long way in making you more productive. What is considered as unnecessary? Well, strictly speaking, anything that prevents you from reaching your particular goal. If your goal is to clean out your email inbox, then don’t spend 45 minutes on Facebook. If you have a deadline to make at work, don’t spend 25 minutes per day fielding unnecessary phone calls. Put simply, you need to draw a firm, distinct line between the “necessary” and “unnecessary” in your life. The stricter you define these terms, the more you’ll find that a lot of things are truly unnecessary in your life.
  • Plan Your Work
    If you go into work every day having no idea what you want to accomplish, then guess what? You’ll probably accomplish nothing. Set aside ten to fifteen minutes before work and either write down or mentally plan what you want to accomplish. This time spent pre-planning your day will find you contributing more towards productivity. After you decide what you want to accomplish, then execute the plan.
  • Multitasking
    Multitasking skills is a talent that not all of us possess. Realising whether you are the type of person that can do it or not is important. If you’re able to multitask, great. If you’re not, then don’t bother trying. Many people make themselves less effective by trying to multitask when they simply can’t do it. This leads to multiple projects being started and none of them being finished, sloppy work and discouragement.
  • Know When To Multitask
    So, for multitaskers, does that mean that we should just multitask our way through every single minute of every day, constantly having four or five things going at once? Absolutely not. You also have to know when not to multitask. For example, every day at work there are four to five mundane little checklist-type things that have to be completed. They are boring and mundane. So guess what? Try to accomplish as many of them as you can at once and as fast as you can. When your boss gives you a special project that he needs done in a timely fashion and of the highest quality, the time that you devote to it is usually uninterrupted and you concentrate on nothing else other than that project. Know when to multitask and when not to.
  • Reduce Interruptions
    Finally, reduce the number of interruptions in your life. Realistically, you can’t reduce the number of things that are going to interrupt you, but you can alter the fashion in which you deal with them. If you are working on something important and one of your colleagues comes to you with something that you know can be dealt with at a later time, guess what? That’s exactly what you must do.

Whether you are a salaried employee, self-employed, a big-shot manager or a stay at home mom, more time will allow you to focus on the most important tasks. Being prepared, organized, and disciplined will give you the time necessary to become more successful in the workplace.

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