Effective Selling with NLP

Effective Selling with NLP is a Three Day Intensive Training Program



Effective Selling with NLP is a three day intensive training program including various and applicable activities that will change the way you think and interact with people permanently.

It will be beneficial to you as a sales person, as an executive, as a manager and in your personal life.

Although Effective Selling with NLP does have its own five step sales process the training you are about to invest in, is not about a new sales process.

What you are going to learn though is how to master the most powerful tools and techniques NLP has to offer and how to use these tools and techniques to your advantage.

With every interaction we have with someone we are selling something; we are either selling ourselves, our products, our services or our ideas.

What specifically will you learn during this training?


Day one: Rapport and Quality of Mind

The focus on relationships up to now, be it in sales, leadership or teams, tend to have an influence on the content and style of the interaction. What to say and how to say it. Most of the trainings on interaction focus on this visible aspect only.

You may have found that whatever techniques you use, to get rapport, do work better in some situations than others. Not only that, you've probably found situations in which no matter how hard you try, you actually made things somewhat worse.

Rapport is established with the unconscious mind and if this deeper, less visible current of rapport is running against you, the only way to save yourself from it, is to affect that current directly. In order to affect and influence that current directly, you have to be able to see it and be able to identify it and know how to realign it.

Once you understand the process of creating and maintaining rapport there’s no need to address the more visible levels. Mostly because it takes care of itself and also because if you are in rapport with someone, it does not really make so much difference, if you say or do things, the right way.

As for quality of mind, you will learn to move and keep your perception and awareness to a level that is above the sensory based triggered patterns of the mind and can then focus with intent.

The first day of the 3 day training ”Rapport and Quality of Mind” makes for an excellent one day training program for the entire company and take interaction to a new level. The way your team will interact with customers and with each other will never be the same.

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Day two: Representational systems and mental strategies

There are six things we can do in our mind: we can see pictures (Visual), we can hear sounds (Auditory), we can feel (Kinesthetic), we can smell (Olfactory), we can taste (Gustatory) and we can have self-talk (Auditory Digital).

By saying this, every person has a preferred representational system that he or she most often uses to think in and to organize experiences.

In this section of the training you will learn how to easily and quickly identify:

  • The preferred representational system of the person you interact with.
  • The predicates meaning the language, words and phrases that they use.

Every thought pattern and action has an unconscious mental strategy behind it. With your understanding of representational systems and by learning to observe eye patterns you can easily elicit mental strategies and use it back to a person.

Valuable mental strategies to elicit are:

  • Buying
  • Motivation
  • Convincing, and
  • Decision making

Imagine the advantage you can have and how good you will feel when you have a list of all your clients’ most important mental strategies. Not to mention that of your bosses and shareholders. Think of the value that will be added to you, your team and your company.

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Day three: Powerful language patterns and how to take control of interactions

Decisions are made in the unconscious mind and manifest in the conscious mind. You can you know, be conscious of this fact and use this knowledge to your advantage.

You will learn about:

  • Indirect suggestions. These are far more effective than direct suggestions because they bypass conscious resistance and speak to the unconscious mind directly which leads to a change in thinking and ultimately a change in behaviour.
  • The use of embedded commands in various ways. Our psyche is shaped by them. The unconscious recognises patterns and repetition.
  • The Interspersed Technique. Meaning you can have several conversations at once. One with the conscious mind and another one, or more, with the unconscious mind.
  • The use of symbolic language. The unconscious mind thinks in patterns and communicates in symbols. We can take advantage of this and influence people directly.
  • To take control of the specificity of a conversation.
  • How to and when to chunk up for agreement and chunk down for motivation.
  • Embedded and nested metaphors and many other language patterns.

Effective Selling with NLP will see to it that you have the full advantage of being able to create and maintain rapport at will, have the ability to easily elicit and use mental strategies and use language patterns effectively and with volition.

Listen up, sooner or later every company is going to invest in NLP related trainings, that’s right, so take advantage right now.

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