Executive Coaching – Personal Breakthrough Session

What is a Personal Breakthrough Session?

A Personal Breakthrough Session is an intensive, client specific and rapid way to achieve significant and compelling changes in yourself and your personal development. Powerful tools and techniques are available like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® Techniques and Hypnosis. These tools and techniques will assist to propel yourself in the direction of your goals and desires in your personal and professional lives.

There is absolutely no better and more direct way of being in charge of your mental processes than NLP and no better techniques available to mankind, that can eliminate emotions than Time Line Therapy®.

The transformation is rapid and ensures integration and congruency between the conscious and unconscious mind.

As mentioned, Personal Breakthrough Sessions are client specific and a unique personal development session. We work on whatever personal changes you want to make in yourself and break through the barriers of the things that hold you back. You will be; doing what you need to do to get the results you want, having the life you have always wanted to have and being the person that you have always wanted to be.


What Can You Achieve In A Personal Breakthrough Session?

Consciousness creates reality. The questions you need to ask yourself are: “At what level of consciousness do I create my reality?” and “Do negative emotions and limiting believes and limiting decisions forms part of my daily reality?”

Dependent on your personal requirements, here are some examples as to how a Personal Breakthrough Session can be of benefit to you:

    • Eliminating Stress Easily
    • Eliminating Fears, Phobias and Compulsions
    • Eliminating Procrastination
    • Eliminating Negative Emotions
    • Eliminating Limiting Decisions
    • Eliminating Limiting Believes
    • Acquiring Self Confidence
    • Improving Decisions Making
    • Improving Efficiency At Work
    • Improving Job Performance
    • Improving Relationships
    • Improving Time Management
    • Improving Memory & Concentration
    • Increasing Self-Motivation
    • Living a more conscious life in the here and now
    • Create the future you want with our unique Create Your Future® processes


Why do I need a personal breakthrough session?

You may think and in accordance to popular believe that your conscious mind is in charge. Those of us that know, know that although our conscious mind is the goal setter, our unconscious mind is the goal getter. Any incongruence between the two minds will take you away from reaching your full potential and future goals.


How much does it cost?

The cost of a Personal Breakthrough Session is R7, 800 for a 12 hour package which involves a pre-session call or email, followed by intensive sessions. These sessions start with the completion of The Coaching Value Inventory Questioner, eliciting and looking through your values, beliefs and behavioral patterns and then the integration of new values and new resources. This all usually takes place over two or more days (selectable in 2 x 6Hour sessions or alternatively 3 x 4Hour sessions) with an additional follow-up session of 2 hours at no cost to help you track your performance.


NLP Based Coaching compared to traditional forms of training, career counselling and psychotherapy.

With traditional forms of training the focus is on teaching the students how to perform something. Trainers are experts in their respective fields and teach people various processes, methods, and or skills, to do something in a predetermined manner. The problem is that the focus is not to improving you as a person. Generally speaking trainers only focus on teaching a particular skill. With training, the students are instructed what to do and how to do it. They have little control over the process or outcome.

With NLP Coaching the emphasis is on how to discover and be in charge of the mental processes occurring naturally inside every individual and not only on how to perform something. By learning how people think i.e. metal strategies etc. the student improves as a person. There is no better improvement than to have control over one’s internal processes. This in essence will allow the student has maximum control over process and outcome.

With career counseling the focus is on helping the client to get a job. Career counselors might repackage clients to appear more hirable for their job interviews. Career counselors do not help clients to become business owners or independent contractors; they are mostly loyal to whoever pays them, and rarely form a strong bond with their clients.

With NLP Coaching the emphasis is on assisting the client to determine their values, Metaprograms, strategies, positive and supportive decisions and belief structures, and future goals and outcomes. In this way the coach helps the client to move into a position, job or career best suited for their present and future. If the client’s goal is to become an entrepreneur, business owner or independent contractor, NLP Coaching supports the client in this development. If the client’s goal is to simply achieve new objectives in their present career, NLP Coaching supports uncritically this kind of outcome.

Psychotherapy, according to Wikipedia, is an interpersonal, relational intervention used by trained psychotherapist to aid clients in problems of living. This usually includes increasing an individual sense of well-being and reduction subjective discomforting experience through the process of lengthy discussion. Psychotherapists employ a range of techniques based on experiential relationship building, dialogue, communication and behavior changes and that are designed to improve the mental health of a Client or patient, or to improve group relationships (such as a family).

With NLP Coaching the first thing that surprises the client is that we don’t spend a lot of time wallowing about “the problem”. We focus in discovering the structure of what prevents the Client from achieving their outcome or goal and changing the structure to make the outcome or goals achievable. NLP Coaching does not focus on the client’s life but on their future outcomes and goals and the overall development and growth of the individual during the process of achieving those objectives.

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With NLP and Time Line Therapy®, you have the capability to take control of your thoughts, emotions and actions and by doing so determine your own destiny.