Medication or coping techniques – which is better to help you deal with ADHD?

Having a child or teenager with ADHD can be difficult, especially when you are not too sure how to go about dealing with it. Unfortunately in today’s society, nearly every child that is over active is considered as having ADHD which is a complete misdiagnosis. As a parent it is important to know the difference between ADHD and just having a child that is more active than others. Once you have received a proper diagnosis, from a professional, you will be able to start taking steps as to helping your child or teenager cope with ADHD.
There is a lot of controversy regarding medication vs natural methods of controlling ADHD, especially since (in severe cases), this can also lead to adverse behavioural patterns. The biggest problem with being a parent of a child or teenager dealing with ADHD is not having enough time to help them with various coping techniques as both parents invariably work a full day. Due to this, and in all probability the laziness of the medical profession, it is easier to control the situation through medication. A lot of studies have been done regarding ADHD and the pros and cons of medication and in most cases it has been found that if the child or teenager is included in group “therapy” sessions with others who also have ADHD, they tend to learn how to concentrate and cope with it easier.
If a child or teenager has behavioural disorders associated with ADHD it is preferable for them to, not only attend therapy sessions, but also to receive medication. Behavioural disorders associated with ADHD can be extreme mood swings, aggression to the point of being destructive to property and bullying. Unfortunately the people that suffer the most from this are the parents and siblings as their anger is taken out on them. It takes a lot of patience and understanding more about behavioural disorders to be able to deal with a child or teenager that has this.

The biggest challenge is getting the child or teenager to learn how to concentrate for long periods of time and also for them to “act” out their aggression in a healthy way. Doing this allows them to focus their minds and calm them down. A lot of the time puzzles (in various shapes and forms) are used as this requires extreme concentration and patience. Drawing is also a good way of centering a child or teenager with ADHD.
Change the way you think about ADHD!
Instead of letting a child or teenager with ADHD feel left out, include them as much as possible in group activities – sport is a good way of letting go of aggression. As an adult, you need to change your mind set and the mind set of those around you with ways to deal with a child or teenager with ADHD. Before turning to medication, find an alternative method of helping your child or teenager live with ADHD.
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