NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU


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What can NLP and Time Line Therapy® Techniques help us achieve?

NLP and Time Line Therapy® Techniques and Modern Hypnosis can help us achieve, maintain and enhance excellence. We have the capability to take control of our thoughts, emotions and actions and by doing so determine our own destiny.

There is no easier and more direct way of being in charge of your mental processes than NLP and no better techniques available to mankind that can eliminate emotions than Time Line Therapy®. With NLP and Time Line Therapy® you will be taught how to eliminate the impact of traumas, create more positive feelings, change lifelong habits, resolve inner conflicts and eliminate limiting believes and limiting decisions easier and effortlessly allowing you to create a more compelling future.

You will learn how to take charge of your state of mind at all times and create a solid positive mental attitude. NLP and Time Line Therapy® are the most powerful and practical approaches to personal change. To understand and be in control of you mental thought patterns and feelings and by doing so living a higher conscious life, it is of outmost importance that we eliminate unwarranted and inappropriate, harmful and unhappy feelings such as anger, sadness, fear, pain and guilt.

These internal blockages and bound energies, together with limiting beliefs and limiting decisions, distorts reality and needs to be unbound and transcend so that we can begin to experience a higher truth.

What is NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Modern Hypnosis?

With NLP and Time Line Therapy® Techniques and Modern Hypnosis I can assist you to change the way you think and behave faster and easier than ever before. Book a session now and set yourself free.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

This is the study of excellence and how to replicate it. NLP creates tangible and noticeable results and transforms the way our minds influence our outcomes and behaviours. With distinct steps and techniques NLP assists in improving our performance in all aspects of our lives including our success, happiness and relationships. NLP is the most practical and results-orientated method for detecting, understanding and controlling our conscious and unconscious thinking.


Time Line Therapy®

This is another set of tremendously powerful techniques. Applying these techniques has the possibility of changing entire personalities completely in a very short period of time. With bringing our deepest values and beliefs into consciousness and with the understanding thereof, we become the master of our minds and thoughts and not the slaves thereof. We are the creators of our own thoughts and feelings and therefore we are always more than what we create.



This is a scientifically verified and effective technique that can promote and stimulate desired changes in behaviour, motivational levels and encourage mental and physical well-being in an accelerated manner.

The Coaching Values Inventory Questionnaire will save you time and money, the results of the Values Inventory questionnaire serve as an indication of the levels of consciousness you spend the majority of your time and energy in. Accompanied by the typical thought patterns and emotions associated with these levels.

By completing the questionnaire the results will indicate the areas to focus on that are preventing you from achieving what you want for your life, career and family.

What is preventing us from achieving the quality of life we desire?

Inappropriate emotional reactions, such as bursts of anger, periods of indifference, depression, sadness, anxiety, chronic fear such as phobias, and obsessions are responsible for preventing us from achieving the quality of life we desire.

What are your behaviours?

Do any of the above-mentioned feelings or behaviours control your life and do you experience:

  • Nervousness and tension as a result of any future (realistic or imaginative, internal or external) threats – anxiety**
  • Persistent and irrational fears or dislikes – phobias**
  • Repetitive limiting and negative learned fantasies, attitudes, habits, behaviours, values and believes derived from earlier experiences – scripts**
  • Inhibitions and or prohibitions that effects your free will – injunctions and attributions**
  • Inattention, difficulty in concentrating, distractibility or impulsivity or hyperactivity – ADD or ADHD**
  • Recurrent obsessions, compulsions or both – OCD**
  • Inner conflicts
  • A low self-esteem and or low self-efficaciousness

** The label or name given by the medical and psychology professions.

Who will benefit?

This is as beneficial for the general public as it is for professional therapists, councillors, social workers, teachers, managers, medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and religious leaders.

All people including professionals can make use of these powerful techniques with their clients as well as in their personal lives.

By completing the questionnaire the results will indicate the areas to focus on that are preventing you from achieving what you want for your life, career and family.