Nothing prepared me for NLP TRAINING with Ben Alberts

9 years ago I did NLP training and at that time I thought it was very enlightening. However nothing prepared me for NLP TRAINING with Ben Alberts. Within the first three hours of training I had learnt more about NLP with Ben than any other institution. It was the first time within a training environment whereby I completely suspended all preconceptions and allowed myself an amazing learning experience. The experience was completely holistic not only did I feel competent and confident to practice as an NLP coach but the application and practice of the methodology on me has catapulted me into a new life trajectory. I finally have the courage to pursue my passions having had my neurology cleansed from limiting beliefs. I applaud Ben’s unselfishness, humanity courage and knowledge that he shared with us during the course and look forward to continuing on to the Master course.

- Josie Jooste

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