Coaching Values Inventory

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Coaching Values Inventory

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Consciousness creates reality. The questions you need to ask yourself are: “At what level of consciousness do I create my reality?” and “Do negative emotions and limiting believes and limiting decisions forms part of my daily reality?” People have values and beliefs that are on different levels of consciousness and that can vary according to environmental issues and prevailing thought patterns.

The results of the Values Inventory Questionnaire serves as an indication of the levels of consciousness you spend the majority of your time and energy in, accompanied by the typical thought patterns and emotions associated with these levels.

Please remember that the Coaching Values Inventory Questionnaire is best done with a specific context in mind i.e. Relationship, Career or Life In General.

As you read the question, answer it immediately – do not deliberate on what the best answer will be. Be true to yourself and the quicker you move through it, the more accurate the results will be.

Complete the Questionnaire in one session and make sure you have 30 to 45 minutes uninterrupted time available.

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Product Description

The present environment you may find yourself in plays a major role in how you will test. You may test differently when you have no stress as to when you have stress.

The Coaching Values Inventory Questionnaire is not an instrument to but you in a box, the test is an indicator of where you are heading in your personal development and for me as a Coach who will be leading you. The Coaching Values Inventory Questionnaire is a snap shot in time, taken in a certain context and only gives us an indication as to where you are in your thinking at a given time in your life and once your environment has changed, your values may shift once again.

The scores you will receive on your results represent composite summaries since you may be in different stages of change in different areas (contexts) of life. All Values Levels have a main theme however, these themes and combinations of themes make up myriads of possibilities in which they play out and there can be parts of different Value Level Systems that preoccupy your consciousness at different times.

Each Values Level is depending upon three things; firstly our nervous system and coping mechanisms, secondly we have values within the nervous system and thirdly we have environment conditions in which the values occur. This environmental conditions bounces against the nervous system and activate the nervous mechanism which is either capable of or not capable of coping.  Coping systems are necessary. Although not guaranteed, all people have inside themselves the ability to develop the neurology with the thinking of higher (second tier) Values Levels.

The Coaching Values Inventory Questionnaire you are about to complete is developed by Drs Tad and Adriana James which have the biggest NLP Company in the world and with whom I have studied and trained.

As certified and registered Master NLP Coach and Trainer, I will walk your road with you, for a while and assist in changing the way you think and behave, faster and easier than ever before.